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Right from the beginning the company rises up to the challenges of the market, quickly becoming one of the leading manufacturers of testing equipment for the construction industry. The first factory is formed with a skilled operational organization developing a small production of progressive testing machines, designed and manufactured by Matest to satisfy customers’ requests.

The supply of testing instruments for the Euro tunnel construction is one of the most high profile projects. Since then, Matest has become one of the major manufacturers in the market. Expertise has been the key of Matest ‘s progress towards the success of winning new contracts that led to important investments inside the organization.

A new manufacturing facility is built in order to comply with a higher production demand coming from a wider network of agents and distributors located worldwide.

It marks the original spirit catered to the single individual that will set the Matest mission statement for years to come.

The first servo-controlled automatic console for testing machines.

Electronics and information technology innovations are key factors for business growth, especially in a constantly evolving industry as construction and education. This new department is engaged in research and development of new products and the upgrade of the existing ones.

Matest moves to Treviolo (Bergamo): the new factory covers an area of 4.000 square meters, combining all the departments. The benefits resulting from the new plant are immediately evident: the production rate and stock availability rise sharply.


Paola Maestroni joins Matest management team as Marketing Manager.


Shortly it becomes the most popular Automatic computerized tropicalized Vicat recording apparatus worldwide.


The production and the supply chain is redesigned to meet up an increasing demand. The company can also count on more than 100 skilled agents, distributors and re-sellers committed to offer qualified after sale and technical assistance. A new motto “The world in safe hands” - used for the general catalogue 7th edition – re-establishing Matest’s position in the market.


First in its class for its quality and innovation, the new PC-based touch screen control unit is a first in the manufacture of material testing equipment.

Integration of the Road Testing Systems with the launch of Roller CompactorsWheel Tracker Apparatus and Gyratory Compactor Matest’s dedication to R&D generates high-tech products with particular attention in the field of asphalt testing.


Each single phase of the industrial process, from project design to assembly, from quality control to customer service, is followed by Matest and supported by a staff of more than 60 employees. The new plant now covers over 6.000 square meters, bringing together the perfect synthesis of manufacturing synergies and the stocking/availability of more products. 


The company widens the asphalt business unit, introducing the Asphalt Splitter

the division of Matest committed to developing innovativedynamic testing systems for asphalts that are

                            - designed to perform

                            - built to last

                            - easy to use



The new general catalogue is issued. It comprises a vast range of material testing equipment for the construction industry. A large quantity of new advanced products, all Matest made, is present on the new edition.