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Unless otherwise specified, the warranty has a validity of twelve months from invoice date.

The warranty covers the free replacement or repair of any goods manufactured by Matest, concerning defects caused solely by faulty materials or workmanship.


Defected items must be returned to Matest within the warranty period. Customer is in charge of the shipment expenses.

In case of goods not manufactured by Matest, we will provide to the customer the warranty benefit received from the manufacturer.
The warranty fails if customer does not respect the terms of payments, if goods are not used according to the operating manuals, when goods are disassembled, repaired, or modified by personnel other than Matest staff, when damages occurs through faulty maintenance or use. Warranty does not cover glassware, porcelain, and wearable materials (diamond bits, needles, seals etc.)

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30 months standard warranty on Matest compression and flexural testing machines for concrete and cement: unrivalled in the industry!

Commencing December 1st 2010, the warranty period on Matest compression and flexural machines for testing concrete and cement specimens has been extended to 30 months from invoice date (the new warranty period is valid for the machines invoiced from December 1st 2010).

Download the "30-Month warranty period" newsletter for further details